Friday, October 19, 2012

Workaholics Cast: Their Best Web Videos

Many people know Adam, Blake, and Anders as the cast of the comedy central series Workaholics. These three have been showcasing their own brand of stoner comedy over the span of three seasons of Workaholics. Before that, they got their start making YouTube comedy sketches on their channel/production company Mail Order Comedy, as well as making a few web series, one of which became the pitch for Workaholics. Here is a list of some of their best videos from the early days.

I Hate Zombies

This sketch, which is possibly the most offensive, stars Anders as a zombie game fanatic who causes some trouble when picking up his girlfriend from work.

Religious Dad

This is brief sketch with Adam DeVine that most likely parodies his memories of Sundays in a religious family.

I’m Kind of a Nasty Dude

A truly strange music video that explains their use of nipple jokes in Workaholics.

Cool Dads

Arm Wrestling Champ

This sketch has Adam playing a man with an unhealthy drive to defeat a frat house jerk in arm wrestling.

The Promotion

The guys fight over a promotion at their call center.

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