Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Resort Pilot Review: Just Crazy Enough

The crew of an American nuclear submarine are forced to occupy a tropical island and threaten nuclear retaliation when their country turns against them. At the start of the episode, Last Resort showed some strain with some shoddy dialogue, but picked up the pace with a condensed variety of crazy moves by the main characters, mainly Capt. Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman). After questioning an order to nuke Pakistan, the captain is relieved of command, which is given to XO Kendal, who then questions the order himself, which leads to them being attacked by the American Navy. Without much deliberation, Capt. Chaplin took command of the ship again, without much protest, and decided to take over an island and threaten to nuke Washington D.C. to stop their government’s attempts to kill them. The crew is supposed to seem heroic under insane circumstances, but all evidence to the contrary suggests the captain is unhinged and the crew is surprisingly quick to follow. None of this makes any sense, there are plot holes everywhere, the characters’ actions are too quick and extreme to believe, but it is all entertaining.

Last Resort does not intend on making sense if it interferes with the pacing. The show is tailor made to move quickly and be fun. There was enough happening in the pilot episode to hold your attention, and the characters, although a bit stereotypical and without real world logic, are actually likable. The set up for the ongoing story is the mystery surrounding the apparent government conspiracy behind the misfortunes of the Colorado crew, and be something to look forward to in future episode. However, the pilot was so packed with great scenes that there may not be much left over for the future. Don’t be surprised if the second episode is less fun. That being said, Last Resort got off to a great start that makes us look forward to what is coming next in the series.  

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