Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloweek: 7 Days, 7 Scary Movies

Halloween is upon us, and October 25rd to October 31st is the seven day period that makes up Halloweek. Every day of this week will have a scary movie. We have here the full list of scary movies for this occasion. The essential genres are there: the cult movie, classic zombie, slasher, modern zombie, vampire, ghost, and parody. These films can be arranged any way and are frequently shown on cable.

Evil Dead II
This cult classic stars Bruce Campbell as Ash, the cowardly vacationer who must fight off body possessing demons at a cabin in the woods.

Day of the Dead
This zombie film from the Romero era follows a military group, post-zombie apocalypse, as they attempt to survive in an underground bunker.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
The original is still favored over the disappointing remake of this classic horror film about killer who stalks a group of teenagers in their dreams. 

28 Weeks Later
In this sequel to 28 Days Later, months after a rage virus ravaged Great Britain the US Army helps the survivors reorganize in London.

Near Dark
A modern day cowboy is taken in by a group of nomadic vampires when he is turned by a girl in the group.

The Shining
This classic horror film by Stanley Kubrick follows a family isolated in a hotel for the winter as the husband is driven mad by a spiritual presence.

Shaun of the Dead
This parody of zombie movies stars Simon Pegg as a man trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and reconcile with his girlfriend.

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