Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Revolution Episode 2 Review: Sword Fights Just Got Boring

After a mediocre first episode, Revolution comes back swinging with an even more mediocre second episode. Revolution had some promise but much criticism in its debut episode. Critics pleaded with the creators to correct the short comings prevalent in the pilot, and the creators responded by doing nothing of the sort. The second episode “Chained Heat” followed our group of post-apocalyptic heroes as they searched out help from another person (Norah, a women and freedom fighter from Miles’ past) to save Charlie’s kidnapped brother Danny. Danny, meanwhile, spent more time with his captor (actor Giancarlo Esposito) as he kills random resistance members (patriots trying to bring back America) and euthanizes one of his comrades when he gets shot in the process.

The episode was filled with long walks through the forest, long sits at a camp site, and long, oddly boring, sword fights. The series showed signs of attention deficit disorder by getting side tracked yet again and losing sight of whatever direction it was headed to. The focus was mainly on Charlie’s flashbacks of childhood, most likely to give the character some actual character, which has been seldom seen so far. The pace only picked up in the last ten minutes of the episode with a rescue operation to save prisoners from the militia and from lugging around a helicopter. What followed was an extend battle between the evil militia and our group of heroes. What should have been the saving grace of the episode turned out to be a moment of sad realization that the one thing the series had going for it was already tedious, the sword fights. Revolution is filled with elaborate sword fights, which, understandably, would seem like a good thing, but have already become old. They are not intense and make the show feel more like Xena: Warrior Princess. The creators should seriously thinking about turning this series around in the next episode or risk losing its audience.  

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