Friday, September 28, 2012

I Hate Your Face: Nate, Revolution

The I Hate Your Face Segment

Welcome to the ongoing I Hate Your Face segment, where we at Strange Broadcasts partake in venting about characters on television that bring out a rage that could only on be described, humbly, as righteous rage. Some characters are simply destructive to a series overall health with their incredibly boring, useless, or annoying existence. The actor is not necessarily the issue, just the character.

“I Hate Your Face Segment” Nate, Revolution

Revolution is the new sci-fi/mystery series about a sister trying to rescue her brother with the help of her estranged uncle and a few other misfits in a future where all technology and power mysteriously shut down. From the beginning, the series had its fair share of problems, but the most unforgivable mistake is Nate. Nate is the bow carrying militia member pursuing our heroes in an attempt to capture uncle Matheson and bring him back to his evil leader. In reality, Nate is actually a ridiculously annoying character who is completely unnecessary and only exists to pander to a broader audience. Nate is the pretty boy love interest of the main character (Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Matheson) and that is all he is. All attempts to reconcile this fact with the development of the show have failed so far.

Nate’s scenes are out of place and confused, to the point where they make the entire episode less watchable. He is an empty character with no conceivable emotional range, and every time this empty stereotype walks into a scene and makes Charlie Matheson swoon, and you can’t miss it because they fixate on it for what feels like forever, Nate takes that character right down with him. Nate, you are a relic of 90s television and a terrible by-product of Twilight/The Hunger Games fandom. You are a sad creation of pop-culture that must be snuffed out for the benefit of storytelling. Everything you say makes no sense. You have the complexity of five year old boy. You are an obstruction to the series, and everyone despises your vacant stare. Every moment you are on screen is agony. Nate, do everyone a favor and befall a tragic death by falling into the nearest wood chipper, or since there is no power in Revolution, some sort of manual grinder.

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